family adventure.

july 25 through july 28. 2013.

Thank goodness we are closer to family and friends in Rochester! And thank goodness everyone missed us enough to start visiting right away (maybe it had something to do with Oliver arriving and Aiden growing-up so quickly) but we’ll pretend it’s because of Henry and I 🙂

Tyra and Kathleen drove to visit us for an extended weekend and we had a BLAST! The last time Henry and I went up to Ithaca to Robert H. Treman State Park to see the waterfall the path was closed, we were super excited it was open and we could take the girls there.


Aiden decided the water was perfect for playing in… and sitting in. I personally thought it was a bit cold. But I guess I’m not a two year old anymore.


Thank goodness the girls are expert photographers, because we hadn’t had a family photo with little Oliver yet. Saturday morning (more like afternoon-I take forever to get ready these days) we packed up the car and headed to the beach! The photos turned out amazing!

Here are a few of my favorites.


To end the weekend Saturday night we made home-made sushi rolls! Totally AMAZING and DELICIOUS and we are planning a repeat sushi night again very soon.


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