almost fingerless fingerpainting.

On my way home from an absolutely dreadful spin class, Katie texted me to come over for finger painting fun.


Believe it or not, it actually took some serious convincing to get Aiden to actually put his fingers in the paint and rub it around on the paper. I figured this would be the perfect choice of afternoon activities, considering Aiden’s favorite pastime involves “painting” all sorts of mediums around our house- milk from his bottle, ketchup, water, smushed grapes, and really anything that he sees that might be fun to smear around on the floor.

He was very apprehensive when I instructed him to stick his hands in the paint and finger paint. I even had to demonstrate 🙂 After some convincing here is handiwork:



Clean-up is necessary.


There was a reason I took his clothes off before we got started 🙂

I think they enjoyed clean up time just as much (if not more) than the actual planned activity.



2 thoughts on “almost fingerless fingerpainting.

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