Sodus Point (okay, not really).

This past Saturday, Henry and I packed up the boys and the car with beach supplies, snacks, lunches, and anything else you could possibly think you might need on an outing to the beach with an almost 2 year old and a 2 month old. We even stopped on our way out of town to get sand toys.

On our way up to Sodus Point we discovered the most magical place: Burnap Fruit Farms.


We almost drove right past it, as it was not our actual destination. But then we spotted this train.


And then this truck.


It was like all of Aiden’s things built out of wood and made just for him to play on. Did I mention they also had a chicken coop? As you can see Aiden was just having an amazing time chasing the rooster around the coop.


He WAS a handsome fella, and I’ll admit I found myself chasing him around the coop 3 times in order to capture his glory.


We had actually only planned to stop for a few minutes, and ending up staying for at least an hour and a half. Henry and I ordered the most amazing lunch ever at the most adorable Garden Cafe. Freshly made bread with veggies and chicken for me, and a homemade hoagie with turkey and pesto for Henry. Simply amazing. If you ever make it to upstate NY, you have to try this place. A hidden gem for sure.



Many thanks to Tina, our navigation system, for taking us this way to Sodus Point. Next time maybe we wont just “stop by” this secret treasure and we’ll actually make it to the destination we didn’t even get out of the car to see 🙂


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