cherry chocolate chip biscotti.

There is nothing better than homemade cherry chocolate biscotti with a warm cup of coffee to start the day off.

I had never made biscotti, but found myself staring at the delicious recipes posted all over Pintrest. Then, as if some sort of sign from the coffee gods, a friend offered me some at our recent coffee/finger-painting playdate. And so that began my quest to find an amazing recipe for a first time biscotti connoisseur.

My oven is slightly special-pretty sure its prehistoric and dates back to the early 1980s (not meant to offend anyone born earlier than the early 80s, but just merely to point out that I have a 30+ year old oven) and its small. It holds two very small cookie sheets at a time, but due the size of the oven its only advantageous to bake one sheet at a time or the bottom rack is burnt to a crisp and the top rack is gooey. So it took two twenty-minute baking sessions in my little oven to get these done, plus 8 minutes for each loaf once I sliced them into the well-known biscotti shape.


I digress from the amazingness of my biscotti.  If you’re interested in making some for yourself you can find the recipe here. Enjoy.



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