3 months.


Okay, I’m slacking. I haven’t gotten my fancy camera out of its bag for over a month and a half-which means I skipped Oliver’s two month photo shoot. It wasn’t because I didn’t have time to take the pictures, rather I didn’t have time to make his onesie. Lucky for me, my wonderful and oh-so-amazing Mother-in-Law came to town last week and helped me make all of the onesies until Oliver’s 12 month photo-shoot. Now all I have to do is get him dressed and start clicking.


My little Oliver has changed A LOT since I took his one month photos. He’s laughing constantly, always happy, able to almost sit up on his own being propped up against the couch without falling (he does move a bit too much to avoid falling 100% of the time). The above picture he was actually on his way down, but oh man was he having fun!


He’s not quite sleeping through the night, but is pretty good about getting down to business when I feed him and then going back to sleep right after, so it could be WAY worse. Plus, he only wakes up once during the night. Aiden woke up every 3 hours for what it seemed like an eternity.


He loves to laugh at words that start with “s”. “Stinkerpants” and “Sassafras” are two of his all time favorites, but maybe that’s because I like to say them with a huge smile on my face 🙂 They get him every time. Maybe I’ll start with the letter “A” next so we can start practicing his alphabet. It’s never too early to prep him for the Ivy Leagues, is it?


At three months, babies should be able to hold their head and neck up on their own, and kick their legs up. At our house we call that the superman. And as you can see from the photo above, Oliver is quite the little superhero.


and what photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without some little piggies.


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