two years. two babies.

September 3, 2013 Henry and I celebrated our two year anniversary, well, actually we celebrated this past weekend.

We got a babysitter for the kiddos and drove to Ithaca for the day, stopping at Watkins Glen State Park. The weather was PERFECT! We hiked the entire thing (which is only about 1.4 miles each way) and were ready for lunch.

We didn’t eat breakfast so we were STARVING and went to and Indian buffet right downtown. We gorged on delicious food and literally had to walk it off the rest of the day. We had full intentions on going to Just a Taste for dinner, but were too full. We went to Madeline’s for drinks and dessert instead. Yummy!

While we were “walking off” our lunch I ran across this huge mixer. I had to get a photo.


As we were leaving town I realized we hadn’t gone a single photo of the two of us. We stopped at Taughannock Falls State Park just outside of town and took a few photos. Here is one worth sharing.


I just have to thank my lovely husband for the most amazing two years I have ever had in my life. You have brought me so much joy. We have moved across the country twice, had two beautiful babies, and have shared so many other amazing adventures together. Thank you for being such a wonderful Husband and Father!

I love you!


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