Anniversary Weekend. Yes, please!

This year Henry and I desperately needed to get away. We tossed around a few ideas. We really wanted to go camping, but Upstate NY in late October can get a little cold, so we crossed that idea off our list. Then we toyed with the idea of flying down to NYC. I’d never been, but we figured it’s kind of a lot to take in for just two days.

We decided to have a little “staycation” here in the Rochester’ish’ area. I wanted to surprise Henry by doing a little bit of the planning (I’m not known for making decisions, so I wanted to have everything all planned out). First, we only were able to get away for one night. My mom and Aunts came to watch the boys for a long weekend. Henry had to work during the week, so we had Friday night to get out of the house.

I thought it would be super fun to stay at a bed and breakfast and do some wineries. Apparently if you try to make reservations two days before you need the room its pretty unlikely a room will be open 😦  Luckily I stumbled upon a little gem of a Motel in Canandaigua, New York. Henry and I went to Miami for our “honeymoon” after we had Aiden. So when I found this I was SOOOOO excited. The reviews were great. I called and again, lucky for me, there was a room available!


The journey began with 6 wineries. I even used a fancy thing called Mapquest and placed each winery on the map and printed it out. I know, super high-tech.


We started our winery tour at Casa Larga. It was about 15-20 minutes from our house. It wasn’t very pretty on the outside ( we were actually super bummed when we pulled up to the building), but we still went inside. We had to wait for about 20 minutes to have the tour, but our tour guide Kristara was amazing. Super friendly, really informative, and she let us have extra wine tastings. Always a good way to get two thumbs up-MORE WINE. You can read a little more about them here .

From there we decided to drive down to Naples NY and drive back up to our hotel and hit up the wineries along the way. I was really bad at taking photos on this trip-probably because we were having so much fun wine tasting. Below are the wineries we went to and a little about them.

Casa Larga Winery
You can’t help notice Casa Larga’s stunning vineyard as you take in a full production tour of the wine making process in their pioneering wine making facility.  Your educational tour & structured tastings allows you to discover the diverse portfolio of their award winning winery.

Arbor Hill
Enjoy a “sweet beginning” at this quaint winery owned by the Brahm family.
Explore the extensive portfolio of John Brahm’s wines sourced from grapes along
prized vineyards near lake Canandaigua.

Inspire Moore

Check out this chic winery for a tasting of Tim and Dianne Moore’s creative and intensely flavored wines made onsite in the micro facility in the heart of Naples.

 Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery
For the wine enthusiast in all of us, we offer an educational walk & structured tasting at one of the larger pioneering wine making facilities on the Canandaigua Wine Trail.
Learn more about the winemaking process while sipping traditional varieties and world class Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris.

Heron Hill
The tasting room on the hill is the sister location of the famous Keuka winery.  Enjoy an educational tasting in the renovated Century Barn overlooking the proprietors “Ingle” vineyard.

Once we got back to our hotel and settled down, I had a dinner planned at a local German restaurant called Rheinblick.

Image Image

It was just so cute! I have to admit, since I wasn’t doing a very good job thinking about my blog, the picture above with the owners is from google images. So sorry.

We had a curry wurst for an appetizer-not amazing but good.


I had Wienerschnitzel with Sauerkraut and a Beer 🙂


They had my favorite beer EVER. Spaten Optumater. (sorry for the missing umlauts- for all you German folk) If you ever get the chance to try it, its dark and magical. I’m thinking about it right now. Yummy.

The next day we drove home, after a delicious breakfast of bagel, muffins, and fruit (from our hidden gem of a motel) and then ventured back to Rochester to relieve the babysitters of their duties. Overall, it was a much needed restful “staycation”.

Oh, I COMPLETELY forgot to mention we tried out Victoire- a new favorite of Henry and mine right here in good old Rochester.


Check out the menu!


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