Hello All!

I am so sorry to have not posted anything since September 11th. I have a long list of posts to catch-up on.

Today I have to:

  1. Finish unpacking from our trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving
  2. Write Thank Yous from Aiden’s birthday party (sorry to all of you who I haven’t gotten a card to yet)
  3. Send rent check
  4. Start Decorating for Christmas (yay!)
  5. Make a list of the blogs I need to catch up on
  6. At least one catch up blog

This week I have to:

  1. Meal plan for the rest of the month & make a grocery list
  2. The never ending pile of laundry
  3. Finish Christmas Presents
  4. Get a TREE!!!!
  5. At least 4 more catch up blogs
  6. Post some stuff on Craigslist
  7. Clean out my closet
  8. Clean out the office
  9. Go through baby clothes (Oliver is growing like a WEED)
  10. RUN, RUN, RUN, and oh yeah, more RUNNING


And just because I think he is the cutest baby EVER.

Hope to see you all later today!


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