Over the summer we got two little kittens. Its started off with just wanting to get one. We went for about three weeks straight, every weekend. We wanted to perfect kitty. We finally figured that any kitten would be perfect. Thats when we decided on getting the little grey kitten pictured below.


We couldn’t take him home the day we picked him out because we had to wait until he was fixed. That night I felt so bad about leaving his little orange brother there alone. The following day I went in to claim the orange kitty too, but someone had already adopted him. I decided just for the fun of it I’d go through and take one last look at the kitties. That is when I stumbled upon this little kitty…


Doesn’t it just break your heart to see them behind bars like that in cages 😦 He was so timid and looked just like my favorite little kitty Kali (she had an unexpected death at age 3). I called Henry and said I found the perfect little kitty. We introduced the two of them (we still had no names picked out for them). The little Grey one was feisty and playful, and the fluffy kitty was so shy.

I was able to taken the ‘fluffy’ one home the same day and bring him back to get fixed. I was SOOOO excited. He had the run of the house for a little over 4 days.


He fit right in. Even Aiden loved him…


Then finally we got the grey one. They were both ‘kitty 1′ and kitty 2’ for about a week. With much struggle we finally decided on two names. Samwise aka Sammy (the grey one) and Pippin aka Pips (the fluffy one).

I waited awhile to post this because Sammy got really sick right after we got him home from the Shelter. I didn’t want to post about both kitties until I knew they were both Healthy (Sammy just got another cold, but he’s not looking dealthy like before).

Here are some photos of the kitties together. Aren’t they soooo cute?


It didn’t take them long to become best friends.


Here they are a little bigger.


And the next few photos will show just how big my ‘little’ Pips is getting. I’m pretty sure he’s at least HALF Maine Coon. 5.5 months old and 8 pounds… he’s going to be a big kitty.




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