my christmas pillows

Oh, how I love love love the Holidays! Yesterday I decided the household needed to get just a little more festive for the Holiday season. I (again) wasn’t thinking about this blog when I was doing my project, so photos are lacking. But I have TONS of after photos.


I decided to sew 4 new pillow covers for the couch cushions.

What you’ll need:

  • a pillow form (mine are from IKEA and world market)
  • Heat ‘n Bond (local fabric store)
  • a solid fabric (I got 1 1/2 yards)
  • a patterned fabric (I got 1 1/2 yards)
  • 18-22 inch coordinating zipper
  • matching thread
  • printer
  • printer paper and tracing paper
  • scissors
  • iron and ironing board
  • sewing machine

Directions For the Shape:

  1. Select the type of shape you want for your pillow ( I used this Deer and this Polar Bear)
  2. Print
  3. Following the Heat ‘N Bond directions iron on the HnB to the patterned fabric (I just did two 8.5 x 11 inch sections)
  4. Using the tracing paper, trace the printed object onto the paper side of the Heat ‘N Bond Fabric.
  5. Cut out your shape(s) and set them aside
  6. Using the sizing listed in the video below, cut out two pieces of fabric for your pillow. I had a 19 inch pillow so I cut mine 17 x 17. The video below gives a good break-down.
  7. Then take your shape and peel off the other side of the HnB and place it on the fabric square that will be used for your pillow.
  8. Iron until it sticks. ( I used flannel which didn’t work the best, so I had to iron it a little longer)
  9. Then this step is optional depending on how well the bond paper worked for you. I always stitch around the edge of the shape just so that its VERY sturdy and can be washed in the machine, plus it looks more professional.
  10. Proceed to making your covers.

Directions for the Zippered pillow:

  1. I used this youtube video. I’ve been using this same video for the past three years. Its easy to understand-even though it’s not the most “hip” video.
  2. I used white for both front and back with the animals on it, and a white back and flannel front for the ones without the animals.

I like it when I don’t have to type out a million steps 🙂

ENJOY! If you have questions please feel free to ask away!


Thats my kitty Sammy 🙂 He loves the new covers.



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