my new desk

So here’s the deal. I’m way behind, but slowly catching up. Now that I’ve noticed a few people whom I don’t personally know following me, I’m going to try to REALLY catch up and stay on top of this. I have lots of recipes and DIY projects to add.

So without further ado…

My lovely and oh so wonderful husband helped me with this project before little Ollie came into our lives this past summer. As I’m going to upload the before picture, I realized I didn’t take one. So you just get the after photo. Oops.

We sanded down the entire desk (it was REALLY REALLY dark before) and then started painting main frame. I saw a beautiful desk on pottery barn’s website that was my inspiration. They have it listed for $999.00! We got ours on Craigslist for $45. I feel guilty for two reasons.

  1. The desk is an antique, solid wood, and they should have been asking for WAY more than $45
  2. We sanded it down and PAINTED it : )

Back to the task at hand! So we first started off thinking we were going to paint it with a paintbrush. I picked out this antique white color from our local Home Depot. The paintbrush might not have been the best, we ended up spray painting over the whole base with a can of Rust-Oleum “heirloom white” no sheen finish (can’t remember the actual one it was). Once the base was painted I stepped back and looked at it with the unpainted drawers and FELL… IN… LOVE.


The next thing we did was refinish the top. Here is Henry doing his thing.


and here is the final product! (pardon the messy garage and the rain barrel that is obviously not in the rain yet).


I absolutely LOVE that the top is a different shade than the drawers. I picked up the knobs from my local hobby lobby (while they were 1/2 off) I paid 1.99 per knob!

Pottery Barn has NOTHING on


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