Wood Treasures.

I haven’t written a manifesto about my quest to have the loving.link household live as plastic free of a life as possible, yet but I will get to it. We’ve already committed to using cloth diapers and soon we will be using cloth wipes, but a few weeks ago I went on a raid through our house and ridded us of many plastic items. Especially, in the kitchen. Now, I will be the first to admit it will be a very long process.

I have a soft spot in my heart for thrifting-if any of you know me personally you know I would much rather spend $25 on someone’s donated treasures than buying one item at a household store for full retail price. It’s not only better for the environment saving space in landfills, but I think it’s super cool to imagine the story behind my treasures.

So… I used going plastic free as an excuse to pick up a few of these BEAUTIFUL wood kitchen items during my last trip to our local thrift store.


I always check while I’m at the store on my phone to make sure I can’t get the same item on ebay or Etsy for cheaper. This happens to be a vintage ice bucket (an excuse to throw a dinner party this summer? Hey-O!) made in California and is worth about $50. I paid $3 for it. You can also see I did grocery shopping the same day. I love my veggies 🙂 hehe.


I am trying to imagine this treasure being brought to the states by a world traveler from some African country or something. Its beautiful, and hand-woven. Another excuse to throw a dinner party I think? Yep.


These bowls have been well-loved, have cracks, but are most definitely my favorite purchase of this shopping trip. They have replaced our plastic bowls the boys eat out of. The wood grain is BEAUTIFUL and I am so excited to feed my boys on something organic and natural.

I can’t wait to share my other wood purchases on my recent Vermont trip with my husband.


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