25K Race

Last week I decided I’m going to run in the 5/3rd Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, Michigan over Mother’s Day weekend. I have to be in town for the annual West Michigan World Trade Association Week, so I figured, why not?

My training starts next week Monday and I have 8 weeks to get to 15.5 miles ­čÖé

I can run about 8 miles right now, so it shouldn’t be tooooo hard, but 15 miles is a lot longer than 8. I’ll post┬ámy training schedule a little later today!┬áSee my training schedule below. If any followers happen to be in Grand Rapids May 9th and want to run with me let me know!

Cover Letter JPChase 1

On the days it says to cross-train I plan on doing Les Mills Body Pump, or TRX, or TRX RIP Training, or a combination of all three @ my local YMCA. I’ll also throw in some AB work in there.

I start next week Monday-follow my training under fitness.