eggs ‘n bacon

It’s been a serious two-day catch up on blogs, but I’m trying my best to get as much posted as I possibly can.

I had this phase where I was planning on making everyone christmas tree ornaments for gifts this past year. “planning” is the key word- it never happened. Which left me with a bunch of really beautiful felt fabric.

I found this AMAZING wooden kitchen on the side of the road on my way to the gym one day- and it was just begging to have some food to be made :


I also found the most perfect play dishes (with minimal plastic) at our local thrift store. I couldn’t have found a better set if I was searching on Amazon.


Almost edible. My son loves making me breakfast now 🙂


Plastic Free Dry Goods

It is with a Heavy Heart ( and an excited one) I am replacing my dollar store plastic canisters I have been storing all of my dry kitchen goods with glass canisters I ordered from World Market a few weeks ago. 



As you can see, I really did love my plastic canisters. The labels were ( and are still) so beautiful. Image

I tried justifying keeping them, but since the majority of them were from the dollar store, I can only imagine the chemicals leeching into our food from the BPA created plastics. Sigh. I guess I just had to order glass ones 🙂 



Here they are in all of their shiny glassy GLORY. No BPA’s getting in our lentils now. I’ve managed to wash & transfer all of the contents into the glass canisters. They’ve even made it into the pantry. But I am just so TORN on what labels to put on them. I spent what seemed like forever looking at Pinterest for a brilliant idea for my new labels. The last time I just used a free template I found on Pinterest and changed the font. This time I really wanted to create my own (they will be for sale if you are interested, so I got to work with an idea. I found this on Pinterest.



Which I could buy if I really wanted to. I decided that because I spent invested in the glass canisters, I should make my own labels. Three nap times later…



I am going to apologize AGAIN for the lack of the “good” camera. Its in the baby’s room and he’s napping right now. So a blurry iPhone snippet will have to do 🙂 

Here are the photos of some of the labels on my canisters. I still have a few more to print and design ( I have really small canisters for my baking soda and baking powder- so I am going to do a label similar to the one I found on Pinterest for those). Again, I apologize for the blurry photos- baby is still napping with the camera 🙂 





Overall, I am very pleased with the result. I wanted to make it look a little more rustic than the chalkboard effect. Especially because, even though I love chalkboard, it’s a bit over used right now 🙂 I wanted something a little more original. I could have spent days playing with the font for these, but I think they turned out fantastic. What do you think? What would you have changed? 

If you want to order customized pantry labels, feel free to comment or message me and I could figure pricing out for the labels and my time. I’m happy to share my love of organizing!

Wood Treasures.

I haven’t written a manifesto about my quest to have the household live as plastic free of a life as possible, yet but I will get to it. We’ve already committed to using cloth diapers and soon we will be using cloth wipes, but a few weeks ago I went on a raid through our house and ridded us of many plastic items. Especially, in the kitchen. Now, I will be the first to admit it will be a very long process.

I have a soft spot in my heart for thrifting-if any of you know me personally you know I would much rather spend $25 on someone’s donated treasures than buying one item at a household store for full retail price. It’s not only better for the environment saving space in landfills, but I think it’s super cool to imagine the story behind my treasures.

So… I used going plastic free as an excuse to pick up a few of these BEAUTIFUL wood kitchen items during my last trip to our local thrift store.


I always check while I’m at the store on my phone to make sure I can’t get the same item on ebay or Etsy for cheaper. This happens to be a vintage ice bucket (an excuse to throw a dinner party this summer? Hey-O!) made in California and is worth about $50. I paid $3 for it. You can also see I did grocery shopping the same day. I love my veggies 🙂 hehe.


I am trying to imagine this treasure being brought to the states by a world traveler from some African country or something. Its beautiful, and hand-woven. Another excuse to throw a dinner party I think? Yep.


These bowls have been well-loved, have cracks, but are most definitely my favorite purchase of this shopping trip. They have replaced our plastic bowls the boys eat out of. The wood grain is BEAUTIFUL and I am so excited to feed my boys on something organic and natural.

I can’t wait to share my other wood purchases on my recent Vermont trip with my husband.